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As most parents in Australia are aware, school books purchased this year are very often out date in two years or less. So, we are asking parents, schools & Publishers to donate their surplus or recently out of date text books.

We are collecting donated new and second hand educational text books from Australia. We then send the books to Bacong Schools to build up the library's of their school. The donations to the Library's ensure that all students at the school will benefit.

Text books can be sent to our address or we can pick them up from your home or business. When we have enough to fill a box we forward the books to Bacong, Negros Oriental, Philippines for distribution to the local schools.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1: The donation of new or second hand text books frees up valuable school funds for other urgent programs. 

  • Benefit 2: Text books that would otherwise remain unused in Australia will be highly valued in the Bacong schools.

  • Benefit 3: Sending the books to the school library ensures that all students at that school will benefit from your donation.

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