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Amores-Wheare Foundation Launched in Dumaguete City

Amores-Wheare Foundation's Filipino Launch.

22 June 2007 -- The Amores and Wheare family's official launched the Amores-Wheare Foundation at a function held at the Bethel Hotel, Dumaguete on the evening of the 22 of June 2007. The function was attended by many local dignitaries including; Dr Henry Sojor head of NORSU,

"The Foundation strives to improve the educational standards of secondary & tertiary students, with priority given to children from Bacong, Negros Oriental. Philippines.

We aim to do this by sourcing donated text books and computers for the schools of Bacong.

We have also set up a small scholarship fund, "The Gregorio Amores Memorial Fund" to honour the memory of Mr Amores.

Gregorio Amores was a firm believer in education for his children. Gregorio managed to educate eight children in the Philippines, with many of them going on to tertiary education. It is in his honour that we have set up the Fund to help improve the educational standards of primary and secondary students, with priority to children from Bacong, Negros Oriental. Philippines.


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